Solti is providing solution and support to integrate your semi-conductor equipment to SECS-GEM factory networks

The layers on which we focus are the one that are mostly needed for a test equipment:
   - E5 Equipment Communications Standard 2 Message Content (SECS-II)
   - E30 Generic Model for Communications and Control of Manufacturing Equipment (GEM)
   - E37 High-Speed SECS Message Services (HSMS)

Unlike market leaders, we do not have the "top down" approach that obliges you to buy complete and expensives sofware suites... Using the "bottom up" approach, you just have to buy and integrate what your application needs.


Here is the SECS-GEM stack, as never-seen before...


Do you need any help to implement your SECS communication layers ?

To build your solution from scratch, we use simple tester components such as Secs client/Secs Server.

SECS GEM Client       SECS GEM Serveur

From a detailed analysis of the SECS-GEM scenario, we chose process models and components and that will make your system easier to design, develop and maintain.


Make it small and simple

GEM State machine
     E30 state machine

As a tool manufacturer, your focus is the process. Managing the handling, the movements, controling fluids and IOs...your software cannot integrate full GEM at the first run.
We propose to connect a GEM state machine to your process, using the best choices that fits your application.

And more...

Turn key software for your tools

Anything regarding your equipment may be studied carrefully to provide you the bests solutions available on the market. A semi-conductor equipment is a very complex system, but it gets easier when you fully understand the environment and focus on critical issues.
We can provide an abstraction layer to make your application mostly independant from the EFEM supplier : the choice of RORZE or BROOKS is no more critical issue, regarding the software.

Altatech wafer test equipment
Altatech wafer optical test equipment
FOgale wafer test user interface
Fogale Xrays test equipment user interface

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