Consulting, service and development

Know how

Solti's know how can help you in the following domains:

  • control systems specification
  • design & architecture
  • diagnosis & audit
  • project management
  • embedded software, real time application & drivers
  • C++, C#, ISaGRAF, Linux, SEMI standards

There is always something to learn...


Robotics: Each robot manufacturer has his own proprietary langage.
To be able to design and deliver a tool in a short delay, you need an robust programming model and an abstraction layer to bring to mechanical and process engineers a flexible tools.

Communication: Each systems has it's own protocol.
We have sofwtare components to build communcation layer above TCP/IP, USB, RS232 or RS485... When communication is involved we develop simulators fpr both sides, so that you always know what is really going on...

User interface: Make it simple.
Each use must find exactly what he wants. Base on user identification, our screens usually shows to the user only what he wants and what he can handle with his knowledge and his rights. .Net architecture enable us to use simple and well known graphical controls to build dedicated and flexibles GUI.

Maintenance: Make it robust.
Our software are build using object oriented and inerface design rules. Each component can be tested, simulated separately, and provides its own logging data. Whatever happens, you can always find from the logs whats has happened, and how to correct unexpected behavior.

Data processing: Use SQL!
As soon as our systems have to collect data, we use SQL real time data base to store data. Our data base models are very simple to keep a high level of real time performances. .Net data base connectors enables you to store data on any remote disk or cloud storage. Data storing or sorting is not an issue any more.



Failure Diagnosis: We are known around Grenoble as bug killing specialists. After 2 days working with your source files and your applciation running, we can make a 5 pages report describing:

  • Current status
  • Assets and drawbacks
  • Proposals

Bug or performance tracking: Form you descriptions and your main interests, we build a logging system focused on the right features. Fomr the log analysis, we can imporve teh system and after a couple of tries, we catch and correct the problems.

Reference Applications

Our experience covers more than 100 applications in robotics, real time, embedded system, communication. Here are some of them:

  • Alstom:
  • Allen Bradley:
  • Prodys:
  • Adaptive:
  • ST Micro:
  • France Telecom:
  • Open group:
  • Okmetic:
  • Intelligent oil drilling head
    Product manager & designer for ISaGRAF PLC (Milions of licences!)
    Tests robots for manufacturing industries
    WinCE applications for LED displays (Thousands of licences)
    Set top box firmware
    Satellite antenna control
    Various diagnosis, expertise and debug of industrial applications
    Test equipment for SOI 300 mm wafers (RORZE)
    Control equipment for 200 mm cassettes (BROOKS)

    Contact us, we got the missing pieces of your puzzle...


    Express Refactory : One day in your site to examin the software you want to improve or to repair with your developers. Two days after you get a 6 pages report describing:

    • Compliance to the initial specification manual
    • Comments about the architecture
    • Comments about the code writing
    • Comments about the GUIs
    • Proposals with delays and costs

    Custom Refactory: You describe the objectives (evolution, improvement, debug..), we agree the working methods, we commit ourselves on the agenda.